Happiness Fest 2019

Bringing you the first ever Happiness Festival in Singapore!
A festival of laughter, experiential learning and play. There will be a variety of interactive experiences, workshops and talks.
Let's welcome 2019 with happiness, gratitude, mindfulness, and bring home new perspectives and happy memories!

It is going to be a 'Play day' for the adults.
Happiness is for everyone, bring your family and friends! This event is suitalbe for age 12 and above (if you have teens).

Join in, get tickets now!

Which ticket should I get?
Decide if you want to come on the Saturday or Sunday or both days! Have a look at the festival schedule to get an idea of the different speaker and workshops.

What's the vibe like?
Our speakers and trainers are inspiring human beings who, through their own growth, have touched the lives of many. Their work has contributed to a happier society.

Our workshops are designed to help you connect with your inner child, and through various activities and experiences, you gain new insights of the meaning of 'Happiness'. Make it your theme for 2019!

Our event is an opportunity for you to be part of an incredibly movement, we call it the 'happiness movement', many of whom are volunteers who took time out to make this an meaningful and fun day for all of you.

When an adult change, the child benefits, the people around you benefits, it is a ripple effect.
“Be the change and others will change." - Founder of Soul Happy People

Visit www.happinessfest.asia for more information, or reach out to us via email at happinestfestsg@gmail.com or send us a friendly message on our Facebook page.

Co-Hosted With:

This event is co-hosted with A Good Space – where changemakers flourish as a community to imagine and create experiences that expand perspectives across diverse social issues.

From Poverty Simulations to a Feast with Seniors, come learn about a wide range of social issues through innovative activities. To learn more and join the community, visit their website at: agoodspace.org

In registering for this event, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information for the purposes of this event only, in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (2012).

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Jan 5 - Jan 6, 2019
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 04-88, Singapore Singapore
Soul Happy People